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New Year, New Goals

2018 is fast approaching. Keeping in line with New Years’, many people are often setting goals, making changes, and looking for a fresh start.

Goal setting is a great tool to help implement changes in your daily routine, health, beauty care, and home. Hopefully my site will help inspire and motivate you in the New Year (and throughout the year.)

In an effort to refocus, and buckle down I have done my own goal setting. This year I am not implementing a ton of change in my life, but I do have some exciting goals in mind. My goals are focused on health, home and family (obviously!)

Health Goals

  • This year to jumpstart my health, I will be starting off with a three day juice cleanse. I am mostly doing this cleanse as a way to help reset my digestion and cravings for sweets. I don’t know about you, but I certainly have indulged the last two months and need a reset. I will post more about the cleanse after I finish in the New Year.
  • Incorporate more adaptogens into my daily routine. Adaptogens are herbs that help reduce stress on your body and help your body achieve homeostasis. Moringa, Ashwaganda and Maca have peaked my interest, and I will be exploring them more deeply this year.
  • Limit my meat intake. I love beef, I love chicken! But… I find it harder and harder to source quality beef and poultry. In an effort to improve my grocery bills and incorporate more vegetables in my diet, breakfast and lunch will be my vegetable centric meals while dinner may be my animal protein for the day.
  • Focus on quality beauty care products. Whether I am making the product or purchasing, I will be focusing on how it is sourced and made. Look for a special announcement coming in the new year!

Home Goals

  • Continue diffusing essential oils to promote health and mood in the New Year. I really want to explore how EOs can influence moods like motivation, focus and relaxing.
  • Work on a DIY liquid soap that can be used from cleaning to body care.
  • Decorate. This is not a natural goal per se, but I want to print photos and hang them. I also would love to check off some of the projects we have left on our to-do list. Thankfully, my husband has already gotten a start on the list this month with new pendant lights and chandelier in the kitchen!

Family Goals

  • These goals are more broad.. but, I would like to incorporate more art/science with the kids. Both my kids are very artistic (something I am just not.) Doing specific crafts and activities can stress me out. On top of the stress, certain crafts with kids can be pure torture–hello paint, hello modge podge! It’s time to put my big girl pants on and help encourage my children’s interests.
  • Spend more time outdoors. The kids got scooters and bikes for Christmas, and while the weather is decent I want to be outside more.

When choosing goals, pick things that are attainable and you can implement with small or easy steps. Make sure your budget allows for the changes, or better yet, take a fresh look at your budget and see where you can cut back or make changes to implement your goals.

If you are looking to incorporate more natural choices to your home, my best recommendation is to replace an empty item with a natural/greener/organic option. Whether that be beauty, home or food. And make what you can when time and budget fit.

If you are interested in looking for inspiration on making more natural choices, check out a few of my previous posts:

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Remember as you prepare your 2018 goals, they do not have to start January 1. You can start any day you are ready, heck you could start tomorrow. If you feel like you have fallen off the bandwagon mid-January, you can always get back on. You do not need a new year to start fresh, you can start any time your heart desires!

I hope that as you ring in 2018 you are found surrounded by the ones you love. Now get to Goal Planning!

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