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My Year of Indie

I have been on my natural journey for a few years now. On this journey I have come across many great brands and many so-so. In the ever changing new world of “green” living and beauty, it can be hard to find products that work well, or haven’t sold to larger corporations.

Now, I have nothing against larger corporations and acknowledging that that natural living realm is becoming more important to consumers today. Thankfully we are seeing a movement of smaller brands and consumers beginning to push back on larger corporations and government, due to the lack of regulatory measures on ingredients. In that push back, we are challenging companies (and our government) to honor our health. ¬†When we see smaller independent brands sell to large corporations in the name of bringing green beauty to the masses. I hesitate, though I believe everyone should use and deserve green beauty, selling to large corporations–with known ties to supporting and funding regulation that blocks increased standards of product safety–seems contradictory to me.

It is in this “sell-out” that I hesitate wanting to support brands owned by those large corporations. Though many large corporate brands stress and they won’t make changes or will continue the formulations of the brands they purchase, I hesitate to continue placing my dollars in their pockets. Time may prove otherwise, but until then I will focus my dollars else where.

Due to the ever changing world of beauty, I have felt called to focus my purchases on Indie retailers.

What is an Indie retailer?

An Indie retailer, most simply is an independently owned business. More importantly it is the lifestyle, branding, and commitment to health and quality that makes up indie beauty.  These smaller, independently owned companies focus on sourcing their ingredients from quality distributors, as well as supporting the environment and communities they live in. Many give back proceeds from each purchase to support their local and broader communities. These retailers believe in helping consumers understand their commitment to health and holistic living, as well as educating their consumers.

I have been awed by the community of indie beauty retailers and am so excited to spend this year sharing them with my readers. Each month I will have a feature post highlighting one Indie retailer, and any of the products I have used, currently using or are highly recommended by reviews and readers.

The retailer is not limited to what I have tried, if there is a brand that you my readers think I should share, please comment below or send me and email.

So as we ring in 2018, please join me as I embark on My Year of Indie!

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