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January Juice

I started 2018 off with a bang.

The holidays definitely caught up with me, and I was ready for a change of (food) pace. I have always..ALWAYS loved sweets. Sugar is my drug and try as I might, it is so hard to kick. I am learning to have a better relationship with sugar, but it is still a struggle.

In an effort to try and scale back my habit, and change the relationship, I decided to do a 3 day juice cleanse. Not only was my stomach pretty messed up lately- queue heartburn, bloating and upset stomach- but I needed help on making changes. I have never done a juice cleanse, but have always been intrigued by the concept. I know some people may argue that is not a great choice, and that three days is not long enough. But I felt for me it was a great option to take a step back, still receive nutrients (vitamins and minerals) while helping cleanse my GI system and liver.

For my cleanse I focused on green based juices with limited fruits. I also incorporated beets for their ability to calm inflammation and support the liver. For my last juice of the day I choose to finish with a homemade almond milk for minerals, and the ability to help me feel more full before bedtime. I spaced my six juices about 2-3 hours apart and had a minimum 12 hour fast overnight. Between my juices I had water and herbal teas depending on my mood. I ended up drinking quite a few teas or warm lemon water because my body was craving the warm liquid. I can tell you this, I have never felt more hydrated than I have during this cleanse!

My three day cleanse was definitely a success! My bloat reduced drastically and my sugar cravings, although still present, are less. Coincidently I feel like my portion sizes have decreased. Probably due to my appetite resetting, the amount of food I eat in one sitting is less and leaving me fuller longer. –Now if only I can break the mom/RN habit of inhaling my food– I will be set! Most importantly, I went back to cutting out almost all dairy because I am lactose intolerant.

I made my juices with an Omega Pulp Ejection Juicer, although it took some prep work, the cost savings was worth it. Total cost for three days of juices was $54. I shopped at Costco and Frys, buying organic unless no organic options were available. Some of the popular juice cleanses can range from $99-$139. The savings alone made the effort of making my own juices worth it! Here are the juices I made…

I wasn’t sure I had the will power to only drink juices for three days, but turns out I do! It was incredibly satisfying knowing I completed the cleanse with success.

If you have ever been interested in doing a juice cleanse, but hesitant because of the cost, this cleanse will definitely save you money and help you feel great! I am looking forward to incorporating juices more into my daily routine.

PS… All juice recipes were from Juice Recipes-for your health

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2 thoughts on “January Juice

  1. Ooohhh intriguing!
    I have the same issue/relationship with sugar and it has gotten worse since Halloween. (Someone had to eat all those Reese’s!) How did you like the taste of those juices? Like, I’m not a fan of tomatoes and I’ve never had a beet. (Haha autocorrect changed that to beer because of my more frequently used words…) It just seems odd to have something sweet along with a veggie. What was the taste like on all of these? Thanks girl, loving this blog!

    1. O man halloween is a definite jumpstart to my sugar habit! I love chocolate! 🙁
      I would say that this is a green heavy juice plan. The garden breakfast was a little salsa-esk because of the pepper and tomato, but I enjoyed it. You could leave out the tomato and substitute with more of another veggie in the recipe or replace with 1/2c coconut water. Beets are an acquired taste, you could go with a golden beet (the yellow ones) for a milder beet flavor. If you want to try a beet before doing the juice, I love them (red or yellow) roasted at 415F for 25-30 mins with olive oil and salt and pepper. They are great additions to salads!
      Swapping out red varieties of apples helps cut out some of the “green” taste on the juices as well. If you want help on a customized juice, shoot me an email-

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