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January Indie Beauty

I am so excited to be sharing my Indie Beauty picks with my readers throughout this year! 2017 started my personal journey of switching to green beauty and more importantly green makeup. I have already been using healthier options for body care and making my own lotions, balms and soaps. In 2017, I delivered deeper into green hair care and makeup. Many of my purchases consisted of independent beauty brands and retailers. I have found (and continue to find) many amazing brands. Today I am so excited to share Au Naturale Cosmetics!

I discovered Au Naturale last spring and having been using some of their innovative products since the summer. Au Naturale focuses on natural and ethically sourced mineral makeup. The creator of Au Naturale–Ashley Prange started the brand as a way to keep her makeup “au naturale” and this brand has since begun a Clean Beauty Revolution. Their revolution is focused on ensuring safe, quality ingredients that won’t be compromised. As well as, advocating in the political scene to demand stricter regulations on cosmetics in the USA.

The highlight features of Au Naturale Cosmetics are: vegan, organic, cruelty free and paraban free. Their product line ranges from mineral powder and cream formulations for face, eyes and cheeks. As well as a variety of lip formulations and cruelty free brushes.

The products I own, love and use regularly are:

Super Fine Powder Eye Shadowin Tupelo and Ballet

Swipe-On Essential Eye Pencil– in Coco

su/Stain Matte Lip Stain– in Crushed Bloom

–With my purchase they also sent a free sample of their Eternity Lipstick in Innocence.

The eye shadows come in a unique rollerball powder applicator, which helps for quick applications for the busy mom. I really adore the rollerball application for traveling as well, these tend to be the eyeshadows I lean toward bringing on my travels. The swipe on eye pencil is truly that, swipe on. The color applies effortlessly and lasts throughout the day. I do not wear eyeliner often, but because it is so easy to apply and comes with a smudge sponge, this is the only eyeliner I turn to for turning up my makeup look.

When searching for a lip stain in the green beauty world, there is one thing you should know… it is toxic chemical free. Often if it a color lasts 10+ hours, it contains chemicals making the color stay that long, despite their generic claims. Although current well known lip stains may claim to be “natural” they are still full of chemicals like disodium EDTA, phenoloxyethanol, propylene glycol and parabens. These chemicals can reek havoc on your endocrine system, cause organ system toxicity, known allergens and known carcinogens. *See why I don’t follow claims like “natural and green” without certified backing, here.

Au Naturale’s su/Stain is formulated with eco-cert pigments and are free of parabens, fillers, dyes or toxins. Their ingredient list is clean and simple! The stain does have lasting power too! My stain has lasted about 3 hours without needed a reapplication. As it fades, it fades evenly and  leaves the appearance of a softly color lip stain.

I have been loving my products from Au Naturale and if your looking for a start to your green beauty routine, Au Naturale is a perfect choice. On top of their great products, they frequently run sales on different products, so be sure to sign up for their emails, and bask in the green beauty savings!

I hope you will continue to follow along this year on my Year of Indie Beauty. Be sure to subscribe to my site, to stay up to date on all the happenings! And if your curious as to why I am starting my Year of Indie Beauty, check out the details here.


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