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I think I am late to the ball game, but, I have been hearing this “cozy” trend bounced around social media the past few months….

HYGGE (pronounced hooga)

Have you heard of it? Are you already enveloped in the lifestyle?

If you are not familiar with Hygge, it is a Danish term that translates to coziness. It is a kind of a preparation for your home, your life and interactions. It is soft candle light, simple joy, fellowship with good friends, good food and embracing simplicity. It is more than a style for your home, it is truly the Danish lifestyle. The winter season tends to be the main focus of hygge, but it can easily be applied all year. The more I have learned about hygge lifestyle, the more I cannot help but think “Yes! This explains our Advent season and simple living lifestyle too.” Hygge helps explain how I hope to keep our home and our lifestyle simple. I feel like it so closely mimics our natural family’s lifestyle, in that we want to scale back, focus on quality, and embrace our family bonds.

As this Advent season begins, I can not help but want to do ALL THE HYGGE THINGS! I feel like the vary definition of hygge helps to put a word to the warmth and joy the  season brings. It is in this Advent season that we prepare our hearts and home for the birth of Jesus. The Christmas season actually doesn’t begin until Christmas Day and lasts till the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (Jan. 7th.) So although I am excited for Christmas, I am trying not to go crazy with Christmas celebrations just yet but… “Let the Hygge Advent begin!”

I cannot help but feel grateful, expectant and excited for the Lord’s birthday as Advent approaches. We have already put up our tree, Advent wreath and a few decorations. Despite the fact that it is not that cold here, I mean Thanksgiving was high 80’s…. so rude.  We do have cozy blankets, ready for snuggling, on the couches. My essential oil diffuser has been running almost constantly with Plant Therapy’s Holiday Season Blend. I think both cozy blankets and warm holiday scents, are for sure hygge approved! Check!

Cookie baking is penciled into my planner for next week. We started this tradition of bringing a fresh baked plate of cookies to our neighbors last year, and the kids and I will be working on those cookies as well in the coming weeks. Celebrating our wonderful neighbor’s is a great way to share hygge and the joy of Christ’s birth.

Besides our Advent decorations and baking plans, mostly we will be focusing on spending quality time with family and friends.

In anticipation for preparing our hearts, I picked up an Advent journal from Take Up and Read, which is called Rooted in Hope. Through delving into the scripture and setting time aside for prayer and contemplation, it is my hope that I can be more rooted with my God and faith during this season. My kids will be focusing on our Jesse Tree countdown, and as a family, we will be following along with our Sunday Advent wreath lighting and prayers. To be truly grounded in our love for God and His peace and joy, is the ultimate Christmas gift.

As much as I see that hygge fits into our life already, it is fun to have a word that helps describe the fond memories that Advent and Christmas brings. I hope that it will help instill these holiday memories in my children and they can look back on their childhood traditions with fondness and joy.

Do you practice Hygge? Do you have any favorite traditions this holiday? I’d love to hear about them below!

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