December Ecocentric Mom Box

Ecocentric Mom and I must be on the same thought process…or maybe it is the reality of the winter season. COZY is the name of the season. My version of cozy may be called HYGGE, but Ecocentric Mom was certainly reading my mind as the December box was curated.

The “Get Cozy” theme is everything I have been seeking the past few weeks. Thanks to  the awesome new finds from my box, I have been upping the Hygge factor in my home!

The December Ecocentric Box has been fun for the kids and me. We have been enjoying the addition of new “paper free” crayons and the warm scents of christmas time with phalate free wax melts. Check out my review on each of the products below!

Winter Wonderland Wax Melts by Addylu Candles– First off these have a wonderful warm fruity scent that immediately brings to mind winter and Christmas-time. I was hesitant at first because the packaging did not initially say if the fragrance used was phalate free. After a quick search on the Addylu site, I learned they are non-toxic, phalate free and enhanced with essential oils. So, I pulled out the good ol’ wax warmer, that had been collecting dust in my cabinet, and it has been running almost non-stop since! I am obsessed with these wax melts!Ecocentric Mom box

Foot and Heal Balm By Yorba Organics– This peppermint essential oil scented foot balm is great! It is not the typical thick sticky mess that conventional foot balms can be, instead, it is deeply nourishing and hydrating while not being sticky and goopy. It contains mafura oil which promotes skin elasticity and is high in essential fatty acids. I have been putting this on my feet each night and have seen a great improvement in my dry winter heels.

Exfoliating Clay Wash by Yorba Organics– This is not an abrasive exfoliating wash, it is the bentonite clay in the wash that helps to detox and exfoliate your skin. The kalarhi melon oil is the most delicious smell ever! I am obsessed! I want to bottle it up and use it to scent anything and everything. This wash leaves my skin feeling hydrated, but it really doesn’t “suds” up, so I feel like I cannot use it with a sponge. Therefore I feel like I am using more product than I normally would, that to me is the one downside of the wash.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick by Popbar-This dark chocolate hot cocoa was delightful! It would make a fun tasty treat for the kids, and a perfect stocking stuffer! The dark cocoa was well balanced and not too bitter. Topped with whipped cream, you cannot ask for much more!

Effortless Art Crayons– These recycled crayons are awesome. The chunky shape is perfect for little hands, and glide smoothly on the paper. My son is obsessed with peeling off the paper from the typical crayons you buy, so the fact there is no paper, was a huge win for me and my vacuum!

Daily Digestive Balance by Probiogen-These shelf stable, live probiotics, help to boost and improve your gut health. These probiotics are non-GMO and free of dairy, gluten, artificial colors, binders and fillers. This was a sample size, so maybe too soon to notice effectiveness, but I did not get an upset stomach with them like I have with previous probiotics. I may purchase a full size bottle and see how it works over a full course.

Coconut Smoothie Lip Balm By Earth Mama Angel Baby-This organic coconut and vanilla scented lip balm is incredibly nourishing and a favorite in our house. We love all things Earth Mama Angel Baby brand! This lip balm is perfect for the winter months, when chapped lips tend to be common.

Lil Labels- These labels are perfect for your kids jackets! They require no ironing, and are washer and dryer safe. Since we homeschool, and in AZ jackets can sometimes be a rarity, I decided to put a label on my work jacket. I often forget my jacket, so that is a simple fix for my all too often forgotten jacket!

Ecocentric Mom how it works

If your looking for a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend, check out the Ecocentric Mom box! They have options for every stage of motherhood, or even the Mom Box that would be great for any woman (mom or not!)

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