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Chocolate is for Lovers

Ah February… It is THE MONTH that is synonymous with Love, Roses and Chocolate.

Now, you all know I’ve got my love and well roses are pretty, but obviously not the flowers I would pick. But Chocolate, now I can get behind that!

Stephen and I are not necessarily ones to celebrate Valentines day, it is just not our thing. But, I’ll never say no to some chocolates and a bouquet of sunflowers! *hint hint honey* For those that do celebrate Valentines, Galentines or heck just want some tasty chocolate, I figured I would list my favorites below!

One quick mention before I talk about some of my favorite chocolates is how I choose my chocolate. I look for chocolate that is non-GMO, organic if possible and made with minimal ingredients. I avoid chocolates with high fructose corn syrup, artificial food colorings and artificial flavors. More often than not, I reach for dark chocolate because it is high in antioxidants. If you are interested in a little more about my chocolate choices, check out my Date Truffle post from a few weeks ago.

On that note, if you are looking to treat yourself or a friend/loved one check out these treats below. I usually get my chocolate from Sprouts or Whole Foods, but if it can be bought online, I’ll link that as well! Oh  and please enjoy the adorable hearts my 5 year old added to the chalk board as well 🙂

Living Raw-Power Mint Patty

I have been trying to find these little mint patties at sprouts for a while now, and finally lucked out a month ago. These are rich and satisfy my constant mint chocolate addiction. The ingredients are some of the cleanest you can find-Organic cacao, organic coconut butter, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, organic cacao nibs, pink sea salt, organic peppermint essential oil, organic sunflower lecithin.

Endangered Species Chocolate- 88% Dark Chocolate

Really any chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolate is delicious. Their 88% dark chocolate is rich and satisfying. If you do not enjoy the bitterness of a high concentration dark chocolate, their 60%-72% bars with everything from sea salt, hazelnuts and espresso beans are equally delicious.

JoJo’s Chocolate Bark

This chocolate bark is made to help curb your cravings and keep you fuller longer. With added protein, raw almonds and pistachios, this bar did the trick. It is a great mid-afternoon snack that helps to satisfy my chocolate craving, while not reaching for more food after.

Heavenly Organics- Chocolate Honey patties

Another top choice for me in the chocolate mint department! With just three ingredients- raw white honey, dark chocolate and peppermint oil, this is a great alternative for someone avoiding cane sugar. These melt and squish easily though, so be careful if ordering from online.

Eating Evolved- Coconut Butter Cups

These cups are by far my favorite. The coconut butter is so so good, and fills you up! I have tried the caramel sea salt and original flavors and love them both. The kids loved these as well!

If you can’t tell, I obviously favor the cup/patty style chocolate. If the chocolate is filled, this girl is all about it! But if bar chocolate is your style, definitely check out Endangered Species, they have a huge variety.

If you are wanting to make your loved one a chocolate treat, I cannot recommend my date truffles enough. They are super easy and quick to make, plus they look great in your own chocolate box!

What are your favorite chocolates? Share below, because I am always up for trying new chocolate treats!

*This post contains affiliate links. These links do not affect the price you pay, they do however help support this blog. I have not been paid to offer these products, these are simply products I love and want to share.*

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