The Classic Sunflower is an outlet to share my passions. Motherhood started my journey to research a more natural way of living. I have since become passionate about natural baby care, beauty and homemaking. I hope to share with you my adventures in learning how to live a more natural life!

A little background on my blog title…. The Classic Sunflower. First off, I love all things Sunflower. I was born in Kansas-The Sunflower State- and it has and forever will be my all time favorite flower. The Sunflower has literally been my flower of choice in celebrating almost every milestone in my life! When starting to make my own lotions, butters and salves; I began with almond oil. But, in researching different oils and their properties, I learned that sunflower oil is a great substitute! It’s not only more reasonably priced, it is high in vitamins A, D, and E; and it is deeply nourishing for dry, aged and damaged skin. For people with nut allergies, sunflower oil is also a great substitute.

I hope that you enjoy my little blog and hopefully I can help your adventures in natural living!