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A Twist on Lip Sugar Scrubs

As Christmas approaches, I find my self struggling to keep up. I still have most of the gifts to wrap, I feel like I am behind in cleaning, but I am truly trying to focus on time. Time with family, time with friends and finding time to seek time in prayer.

In reality, from the hectic time of the season, time is what is most important. As moms, we often can put ourselves on the back burner. So in hopes of attempting to give myself a tiny moment of time–self care, I got to doing what I love. I made a skin care treat in my kitchen. The dry wind whipped weather has had my skin dying lately, especially my hands and lips. In the hope to help soothe my lips, I wanted to make a sugar scrub.

The trouble with sugar scrubs, I find, is that they are always in a pot. I feel like the pot is messy and a lot of product is wasted because the pot dries out before I finish. In the effort to stream line the process and avoid the common waste of dried out sugar scrub–I turned to my lip balm tubes. I figured if I could swipe, scrub and go, I would be sure to have those few sacred moments of self care.

And let me tell you… This twist (pun intended) is a winner!

I am all about the easy application and I whipped up multiple tubes within ten minutes in my kitchen! A quick swipe and scrub before I wash my face in the morning and I am ready to go. Plus this scrub is super hydrating, so it helps treat and nourish your dry chapped lips!

Twisted Sugar Scrub

Combine the oils, beeswax and butter in a small bowl. Melt over a double boiler. Once everything has melted, remove from the heat and add the sugar and peppermint essential oil. Stir well. Work quickly to fill the tubes* as the beeswax helps this mixture solidify quickly. If the mixture solidifies before you can fill all the tubes remelt on the double boiler. -Sugar does not melt in oil-

*I cut the skinny part of a pipette off and used that as a half scooper/filler for the tubes. This is not a tidy project. These tubes are a bit messy to fill.

**adapted from Humblebee & me.

Of course, even though I tried to take a few moments for myself, amidst the chaos, I still managed to forget adding the essential oil to my scrub. So, even if you don’t have peppermint, you can leave it out or try swapping with lemon or orange essential oil.


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