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You might not know this but, I am kind of a search engine/blogger reading/instagram addict. I am always on the hunt for new and upcoming natural beauty brands. When I find new companies or products I am often referencing my top ten ingredients to avoid as well as the EWG skin deep database. Doing the research is something that I enjoy, but I also realize that not everyone wants to be constantly comparing labels and ingredients. One blogger that I absolutely adore and trust is This Organic Girl, Lisa often highlights some of my favorite brands and I have learned of new brands through her. One organization that Lisa has talked about is Made Safe. When I saw her posting about products certified Made Safe, I was curious as to what this meant. Through reading more posts by Lisa and visiting the Made Safe website, I now have another favorite site for quickly verifying products! Made Safe is a nonprofit organization that “provides America’s first comprehensive human health-focused certification for nontoxic products across store aisles, from baby to personal care to household and beyond.” They make it easy for the consumer to go to their website and see a direct list of what products, brands and categories they have certified. A company will apply to have their single product or whole product line verified by Made Safe, and in turn Made Safe provides a roadmap for the company to provide safer products. Made Safe utilizes their toxicant database to verify the products are free from biological accumulation, environmental persistence, general and aquatic toxicity and ecosystem toxicity.

The Made Safe list of certified products makes shopping even easier, because you can easily search for products on their site. I highly recommend looking for products that are certified Made Safe, and you just may be surprised like I was that some of the products you already have in your home are certified products! I quickly learned that one of the household cleaners I use daily, and my kids shampoo/body wash were both verified Made Safe. Pretty cool right?! So check out their Certified Products and tell me if you have any Made Safe products, or do you see something you need to try?

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