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January Indie Beauty

I am so excited to be sharing my Indie Beauty picks with my readers throughout this year! 2017 started my personal journey of switching to green beauty and more importantly green makeup. I have already been using healthier options for body care and making my own lotions, balms and soaps. In 2017, I delivered deeper… Read More January Indie Beauty

Natural Living

New Year, New Goals

2018 is fast approaching. Keeping in line with New Years’, many people are often setting goals, making changes, and looking for a fresh start. Goal setting is a great tool to help implement changes in your daily routine, health, beauty care, and home. Hopefully my site will help inspire and motivate you in the New… Read More New Year, New Goals

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I think I am late to the ball game, but, I have been hearing this “cozy” trend bounced around social media the past few months…. HYGGE (pronounced hooga) Have you heard of it? Are you already enveloped in the lifestyle? If you are not familiar with Hygge, it is a Danish term that translates to¬†coziness.¬†It… Read More Hygge


Warm Winter Salad

What does meal time look like for you? Often I am multitasking while shoveling food in my mouth. Whether it is cleaning dishes, chasing kids or cleaning up the multitude of toys that never seem to be in their designated storage places. Dinner thankfully is the one meal we always sit down together for, but,… Read More Warm Winter Salad